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Mit Mazel Halachos - Free Hilchos Shabbos email List

"Whoever learns halachos every day, is guaranteed a portion in the world to come"... Tana D'bai Eliyahu

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The Purpose of this Halacha List

Torah Study: Many of us are busy with our work and don't have much time to learn during the day. Our sages address this problem in the Medrash Tanchuma (see right) and say that the Torah was given to the Jews in the desert because only then, when the Jews received the mann from the heaven and had no worries of livelihood, were they truly able to delve into the Torah, and study it in proper depth. However, the Medrash goes on to say, one who is involved in his livelihood and makes an effort to learn just two Halachos in the morning and two Halachos at night, it is considered as if he kept the entire Torah!

To be a Better Jew: The second purpose of this list is "Lilmod al minat La'asot" (learning for the sake of doing). When one starts learning Hilchot Shabbos, they will see how much they really didn't know! Even a simple thing such as "kiddush" has so many facets, aspects, and laws that most people didn't know about. Also, when you start learning Hilchos Shabbos through this list, you will see how many of the Halachos come to practical use almost every Shabbos!


About the Emailing List

  • No one will be added to the emailing list without specifically subscribing themselves using our sign-up box above.

  • After signing up, you can be removed from the list at any time by simply clicking "SafeUnsubscribe" at the bottom of any e-mail you receive.

  • This list will never be used for other, non-Halacha related material bl"n.

  • Nothing will be sent along with the Halachos - no introductions, no sponsors, no fees, no requests for donations - nothing to take up your time, besides pure Torah learning.

About the Halachos

  • The Halachos are in English and deal with the laws of Shabbos (for halacha lists about other subjects, see below)

  • The Halachos deal mainly with laws that are (a) l'maaseh (commonly applicable) and (b) not widely known.

  • Most of the Halachos are based on the English book "Shemirath Shabbath", based on Rav Noivert's famous Hebrew work "Shmirat Shabbat Kehilchato".

  • We try and make each day's Halacha understandable on its own, without having to have read the Halachos from previous days. However, this may not always be feasible without long introductions (which no one probably wants), and therefore there will be a full list of all the previous Halachos on this website. In the Halachos each day, we may reference this list on the web.

  • Each email will be a few sentences long, and will usually include at least two Halachos. Therefore, if you read the Halacha from this list each morning you will have learned your two morning Halachos (as stated in the Medrash above).

  • Please Note: If you read these Halachos first thing in the morning, you should say Birchas Hatorah before reading them.


In order that the Halachos should not pile up with your junk mail, we suggest making a folder called "Halacha" in your email program, and having all the halacha emails directed automatically to that folder.

Here's how to do this in 'Outlook-Express':
When you receive your first email from halacha@mitmazel.com
1) Highlight the email by pressing on it once,
2) Press ALT+M+E. This will bring up a New Mail Rule dialog box which says: Where the From line contains halacha@mitmazel.com
3) Select 'Move it to specified folder' (under the number 2), to direct this and future halacha emails to your new Halacha folder.

Tell Your Friends

With just a few mouse clicks you can pass this site on to your Jewish friends and acquaintances, thereby increasing Torah study in Klal Yisrael! You will then have a merit in the learning of all those who subsequently sign up, possibly hundreds of people (when they send it on to their friends)!! We can use the power of today's technology and the power of the internet, to be Mekadesh Shem Shamayim!


If you run Judaism-related website, please link us to your site to bring more Torah into the world! You can use the following graphic in your site, which you can hyperlink to this page. When people sign up, you will be getting Mitzvos, even while you sleep! For help on how to hyperlink the following graphic, please write to halacha@mitmazel.com. Tizke lemitzvos!

Again, please pass this URL on to your Jewish friends and acquaintances. Imagine the merit you will have in the learning of so many people. May we merit that the light of the holy Torah should bring us closer to Hashem. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Mit Mazel Halachos Staff