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Tana D'bai Eliyahu
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The Purpose of this Halacha List

Torah Study: Many of us are busy with our work and don't have much time to learn during the day. Our sages address this problem in theMedrash Tanchuma(see right) and say that the Torah was given to the Jews in the desert because only then, when the Jews received themannfrom the heaven and had no worries of livelihood, were they truly able to delve into the Torah, and study it in proper depth. However, theMedrashgoes on to say,one who is involved in his livelihood and makes an effort to learn just two Halachos in the morning and two Halachos at night,it is considered as if he kept the entire Torah!

To be a Better Jew: The second purpose of this list is"Lilmod al minat La'asot"(learning for the sake of doing). When one starts learning Hilchot Shabbos, they will see how much they really didn't know! Even a simple thing such as "kiddush" has so many facets, aspects, and laws that most people didn't know about. Also, when you start learning Hilchos Shabbos through this list, you will see how many of the Halachos come to practical usealmost every Shabbos!

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